Erect Penis: Sex in Water

An erect penis can rear its insistent head any time and any place, as every man knows. A penis that pops up frequently is an indicator of good penis health, and certainly is an asset when a man is with a partner who is equally in the mood for sexual bonding. Naturally, most such bonding experiences happen on dry land, but sometimes a couple can be in the mood for a little water action instead. Taking that slippery plunge can make for an exciting sexual experience, but it definitely requires some preparation and caution.


It’s best to clarify that, for the purposes of this article, water-based sex is referring to coupling that takes place in a watery setting such as a pool, the ocean or a bathtub. It doesn’t refer to the “water sports” arena of sex, in which sexual play involves urination on or by one or both partners (although certainly some people may choose to incorporate such water sports into their water-based sex if they so desire).


– Still use lube. Okay, when a guy’s erect penis is going to be submerged in water, why should he (or his partner) need to use lubricant? Because that constant water action may actually deprive the body of its natural lubricating oils. In addition, seawater may contain lots of sand, which can add “grit” to the friction in an unwelcome way. So use a silicone-based lubricant to keep things sliding and gliding smoothly.

– And a condom. Pregnancies and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) can occur just as easily in water as on dry land, so don’t skimp on appropriate protections. In addition, putting a condom on before entering seawater helps keep some of the salt and sand from attaching to delicate penis skin.

– Be ready to stand. In most cases, having sex in the water precludes basic missionary and doggy style positions. Some form of standing position is usually required. Couples who do not already use a standing position may want to investigate some of these on dry land in advance of trying them out in the pool, lake, etc. (Of course, some couples may opt not for intercourse but for oral sex or mutual masturbation, both of which may be more familiar to them in a standing mode.)

– Consider aqua shoes. Since many water-based sex positions work better if the couple is standing, the man may want to consider wearing some form of footwear (such as aqua shoes). This is especially recommended for sex in the shower, as tubs can be extremely slippery, but even in a pool, lake or ocean, it’s good to have a little extra “grip” – especially as penetrative sex while standing up can get fairly acrobatic.

– Be private. Sex in the shower is not a problem, but sex in a pool, ocean, etc. can be problematic. If the pool is in a guy’s own walled-in backyard, fine. But unless the river, lagoon, ocean, etc. that he picks is truly secluded and safely away from prying eyes, a couple risks arrest for having sex in such a place. Better to be safe than sorry.

– Be careful. Sex in a water location can be invigorating and exciting – but can cause injury. Couples should be sure that they are ready for the experience and take safety precautions before attempting.

Relieve the Itchy Penis With Soapless Cleansers

Men who have been dealing with an itchy penis for what seems like forever might become quite frustrated, especially if they are doing everything “right” – practicing excellent penis care, keeping their skin clean and moisturized, and even using the proper protections when it’s time for a night of passion.

What men might not realize is that the thorough shower they enjoy every day might actually be the culprit for that dry, itchy penis. Penile itching is often a result of using soap-based products, such as a typical soap bar or body wash that contains certain chemicals. In order to keep penis skin hydrated, smooth and supple – and eradicate that itch – a man needs to use a soapless cleanser.

But what’s the difference?

It can seem as though there is very little difference between soap and soapless cleansers. In fact, some bath bars marketed as ‘beauty bars’ or ‘bath wash’ or ‘male care’ might actually be soapless, but they look just like their soap-filled counterparts on the shelf.

Sometimes it’s clear what is soap and what it not. If the ingredient list includes a variety of things no one can really pronounce, as well as added fragrance, it’s a sure bet a guy is looking at a bar of soap. Remember, the more ingredients, the more likely it is to spark an allergic reaction or lead to a red, itchy penis – even if it doesn’t seem to harm skin on the rest of the body.

If a guy is unsure, he should pay close attention to the label. Write down the ingredients and do an internet search; anything that comes back as ‘detergent’ or ‘surfactant’ usually means it’s a soapless cleanser.

How do they work?

Soap is usually a combination of fats, salts and oils. The fatty acids in the soaps can actually dry out more delicate skin on the body, and the higher pH content dries it out further, allowing more opportunity for bacteria to set up shop.

Soapless cleansers omit the fats and replace them with more oils. While a man might think that putting more oil on his skin is a bad thing, the opposite is actually true: A cleanser with oil in it gets rid of the ‘used’ oil in the skin that has picked up debris and pollution along the way, and replaces it with the ‘new’ oil that comes from the cleanser. The result is cleaner skin, but the same feeling of hydration as before the shower began.

And in many cases, soap leaves a thin layer of residue on the body. Though it might not be seen, it can certainly be felt when the soap residue dries out the skin. Soapless cleansers are non-alkaline, which means they wash down the drain easily and don’t leave that residue – thus helping ensure the skin doesn’t have a layer of drying chemicals on it when the shower is over.

How to choose the right products

Once a man has determined which products are soapless, it’s time to think about which one to use. He should look for a cleanser that contains no fragrances and lots of moisturizing oils. He should also look for something that contains natural ingredients. If he can’t pronounce most of the ingredients, it’s time to look for something else.

6 Natural Foods To Increase Your Sex Drive

If you look at ancient scriptures, scientific study and myths, you will come to know that there are a lot of natural elements that trigger your ex drive. If you also want to increase your sexual strength, we suggest that you check out 6 foods that we have talked about in this article. Read on.

1. Olives

First of all, it’s a fact that we love olives. Almost all of us use olives in salads and Subways. We make them part of our pizzas. The good news is that olives trigger your sex drive as well, especially green olives. They are popular for making you more virile. On the other hand, black olives are good for women. So, you should make olives part of your routine.

2. Garlic

Garlic is on the list of fascinating foods. The great thing about garlic is that it strengthens your immune system. As a result, you can fight various diseases in a better way. Apart from this, garlic improves the blood circulation in your body. In other words, garlic acts as a performance booster for you when you are with your partner in bed. Therefore, we suggest that you munch on some garlic cloves on a regular basis.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

In India, it’s a common practice to munch on dried seeds of pumpkin. As a matter of fact, popping the seeds and then eating them first thing in the morning is a common thing in India. The reason is that these seeds are rich in lots of vitamins and other essential things that give you a lot of strength. Aside from this, pumpkin seeds have a lot of tyrosine, which is an amino acid that can uplift your mood.

4. Asparagus

In simple words, Indian Ayurveda, especially the great Kamasutra proclaims that asparagus have powerful chemical properties that help you fight fatigue and a lot of other diseases. Asparagus are heavy with potassium, vitamins and a lot of things that keep you energized to do heavy-duty pumping. So, you may want to check this out and see if it works for you.

5. Banana

According to experts, bananas are on the list of top aphrodisiacs that we know. Aside from being full of potassium and vitamins, bananas help you stay alert. Moreover, bananas are full of bromelain that are popular for its properties that increase libido. So, eating bananas is a great idea.

6. Oysters

Oysters have been used since ages in order to increase men’s sex drive. Aside from this, oysters have been supported by scientists. The experts say that they boost the release of testosterone in males and estrogen in females. Therefore, you may want to visit the local fish market and buy some fresh fish.

So, if you have been looking for some natural ways in order to increase your sex drive, we suggest that you take a look at these 6 foods first. This is better, especially if you are into natural methods. For more suggestions, we suggest that you get in touch with a good expert. Hopefully, this will help you greatly.

Masturbation Showcase: Performing for a Partner

For most men, masturbation is an activity they have been intimately involved in for years – usually longer than they have been engaged in any kind of partner-based sex. Masturbation is a regular part of most men’s lives and plays a role in their penis care regimen as well. Often, men feel a need to keep this part of their life secret from – or at least unacknowledged by – their partner. Yet many women would be interested in watching their partner masturbate.

As with so many things related to sex, there isn’t a lot of hard scientific evidence to measure how common a desire it is among women to watch their man masturbate. However, based on an informal survey of various websites, forums and discussion sites, it seems that there is at least a considerable number of women who find (or would find) this voyeuristic exercise to be very appealing. And there also appears to be quite a few men who would enjoy exhibiting their masturbatory methods for their partner.

Learning experience

It does make sense. After all, watching a man masturbate can be a learning experience for a woman. Seeing the way in which he fondles himself, what areas of his penis he gives special attention to, how firmly he handles himself, how often he re-lubricates, when and how often he varies his stroking rate, what other parts of the body he stimulates – all this can give her insights she can then use when engaging sexually with him.

And many men – though not all – have an exhibitionistic streak and would enjoy the opportunity to safely handle his wares in front of a partner.

If either partner is interested in this experience, it behooves them to bring it up and talk about it with their mate. Although this can take courage, it’s usually worth the risk to open up a dialogue at the least.

How to perform

If a couple does decide this is an avenue they are eager to take, they should decide on some specifics. For example, is this a one-way deal – the man will masturbate only – or will it be reciprocated by the woman having a turn to masturbate as well? Is it to be kept strictly solo, or is the partner invited to lend a hand if she feels so moved? And what about verbal communication – should the woman stay quiet and just watch and the man pretend she isn’t there? Or should she feel free to talk to him as he masturbates?

The couple should then decide how to proceed. Are they ready to jump right in and just let the man start masturbating right then and there? Or would they prefer to go through any “rituals” the man typically uses (e.g., watching porn, creating a fantasy, slowly stripping, etc.)?

It might be decided that want to set up a different time for the viewing, later in the day or later in the week. Or perhaps the man will simply say he won’t hide his masturbation any longer and just let her catch him naturally.

For some couples, role playing may be a good way to ease into the activity. They could play a game or Truth or Dare, with the man’s dare being to masturbate. Or they could fantasize she is a cop who demands he masturbate or else go to jail.

Erect Penis in the Pants: Pride or Embarrassment?

Most healthy men experience an erect penis in their pants several times over the course of an average day, usually without giving the fact too much thought. After all, a frequently erect penis is generally a sign of good penis health habits. But sometimes that erect penis occurs during a very public moment. When it does, men tend to react to it with one of two emotions: pride or embarrassment. Yet why should so many men feel the latter rather than the former?


One reason why an erect penis tenting up in the pants creates embarrassment may be that it reminds a man of an unfortunate moment from his childhood or adolescence. Most guys have a “classroom boner” experience of some sort. For example, many guys recall having to stand in front of the entire class with a raging erection quite clearly visible behind their zipper. In some instances, the lad may have been forced to read his homework out loud in this situation – and suddenly that one page paper seemed to take as long to read as a full length novel. Or he may have been called to answer some math problems on the blackboard, only to discover that his penis was sticking so far out that he had to stand back from the board.

Yet not every man who stands erect before his class suffers from the experience. In some cases, a guy can enjoy the fact that he is exhibiting his wares, safely tucked away behind a layer of denim. He can enjoy the fact that his manhood is making an impression and not care whether others may be sniggering; he either takes it in stride as simply something that happens to a dude’s anatomy or takes pleasure in flaunting what he has.


Instances of unwanted public erections tend to diminish as a boy becomes a man, perhaps because he becomes more adept at hiding them or perhaps because he learns to take pride in his physical attributes. In adulthood, it’s likely that embarrassment more often occurs when an erect penis pops up outside of the pants in certain situations. As an example, think of the many stories of men who have cast a boner while naked during a physical examination by a doctor. Similarly, many men have found their favorite body part erecting itself in the sauna or steam room of a gym, in full view of a bunch of other naked men.

Still, an erect penis can arise while clad and create an awkward situation. Most of the time this is in a business setting, as a kind of adult corollary to the embarrassing classroom erection. Some men find that their healthy manhood is upstaging them, say, during an important business presentation.

Again, rather than feel embarrassed, some men may take pride in this. Their exhibitionistic streak may allow them to enjoy the situation and perhaps treat it as a way of sexually intimidating both men and women in the audience.

However, as adults, most men tend to take this situation a little more in stride. They are usually better capable of shrugging it off as “just one of those things.” And that’s the attitude that men need to take. There’s no reason to be embarrassed at an erection, nor is there any reason to take such pride in it that a man goes from feeling justifiably comfortable with his sexuality to preening about it in a manner that can be obnoxious, unappealing or threatening.

Foods That Help Improve Male Fertility

Diet іѕ аlwауѕ оnе оf thе buzzwords whеn a lady іѕ pregnant. Shе needs tо watch whаt ѕhе eats bесаuѕе ѕhе іѕ eating fоr twо. But whеn a couple іѕ trying tо conceive, іt іѕ equally important thаt thе mаn takes care оf hіѕ diet!

Thе right kind оf diet саn build thе right degree оf fertility fоr a man; іt аlѕо makes sure thаt уоur baby іѕ healthful, ѕо іt augurs wеll fоr thе baby.

Research shows thаt thеrе аrе certain foods whісh build uр fertility fоr men. Sо let’s quickly run thrоugh a list оf foods whісh a mаn muѕt eat whеn thе couple іѕ trying tо conceive, аnd аlѕо thе foods hе muѕt avoid.

Sоmе muѕt haves оn thе menu:-

A> Fruits аnd Vegetables –

Fruits аnd vegetables аrе high іn antioxidants, ѕо thеѕе effectively work tоwаrdѕ protecting a sperm frоm cellular damage, keeping thеm strong аnd speedy tо fertilize thе egg.

Thе diet ѕhоuld bе high оn fertility foods ѕuсh аѕ leafy greens, carrots, rеd peppers аnd apricots ѕuсh thаt уоu gеt уоur recommended dosage Vitamin A. Thіѕ lets уоu prevent thе sluggish sperm.

Vitamin C lets a sperm bе mоrе viable, ѕо orange juice, tomatoes аnd grapefruit аrе definitely оn thе menu. Thеn vegetable oils аrе a muѕt, letting уоu gо fоr Vitamin E tо kеер thе sperm vital.

Sweet potato іѕ уеt аnоthеr muѕt hаvе fоr a high fertility fоr men, thіѕ іѕ rich іn аll оf thеѕе vitamins, A, C, E аnd аlѕо folic acid.

B> Pomegranate Juice

If antioxidants hаvе bееn оn уоur mind, pomegranate juice іѕ simply thе best alternative tо gо fоr. Thіѕ саn boost sperm count аnd quantity, just sure tо work. If looking fоr a high performance, bank оn pomegranate juice.

C> Pumpkin Seeds

Thеѕе саn аgаіn work wonders fоr fertility. Pumpkin seeds аrе high оn zinc tо let уоu increase sperm count аnd testosterone. Thеіr high percentage оf omega-3 fatty acids ensure thаt уоu simply perform better.

Items оff Thе List: Must-Avoid Foods fоr High Fertility fоr Men

A> Junk Food simply doesn’t work fоr male fertility. It isn’t good fоr thе waistline еіthеr.

Burgers аnd fries nоw gеt ѕоmе additional waiting tіmе hеrе!

B> Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeinated drinks соuld hаvе аn effect оn thе sperm count ѕо it’s better tо avoid thеѕе. Basically limit thе intake tо twо cups.

In thе ѕаmе wау, limiting intake оf alcoholic drinks соuld work positively fоr уоur fertility аѕ wеll!

How Does Male Extra Work

Male Extra is a male enhancement product used to give men better, harder and more efficient erections. Sometimes, the lack of an erection or an erection less than it should be, is the result of a loss or diminished supply of the right vitamins and nutrients. Male Extra provides the necessary enhancements that allow men to realize the best erection ever. male extra

Male Extra comes in supplement form and requires taking three pills per day. The pills are loaded with vitamins and nutrients such as Zinc, Cordyceps Creatine, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane and L-Arginine. The ingredients are herbal in nature and are safe and effective to use for their intended purpose.

The ingredients enhance blood flow to the penis by opening the veins wider in order to pass a greater volume of blood. This action results in harder erections and increased libido. The user will also experience greater stamina as a result of added confidence with their new found manhood. Each user’s sexual performance will become the stuff dreams are made of and overall sexual health will be experienced.

Men who use Male Extra, will experience actual penis growth in both length and girth. Users will also experience greater sexual pleasure with added virility and enjoy a super charges sex life.  Because the ingredients are herbal and all natural, there are no side effects to be experienced, except if the user suffers an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

Results vary, but most men who use Male Extra will experience growth in inches in a matter of 3 to 6 months. The results will be mind boggling, but as expected. The user will experience greater sexual prowess and be the recipient of the combination of ingredients that have been the subject of study for 10 years. The combination has been fine tuned to optimize the greater experience for the greater number of users.

Male Extra has been manufactured as part of a program to improve and enhance sexual health and performance.  The product has been used by thousands of customers worldwide, including Canada, and the results have reported to be better than amazing. Men found erections are stronger and last longer, delivering a level of satisfaction never experienced before.

Male Extra is available online and can be purchased with a major credit card or with PayPal. The product brings with it a 60 day money return guarantee to anyone not satisfied with the results.

Why Your Erection Won’t Grow: The Real Reasons Men Fail at Natural Male Enhancement

Who else is passionate about sexual performance? How many different male enhancement strategies have you tried? Have you done the lotions, potions, pills and pumps and found your erection still won’t get bigger? Have you read just about every strategy for increasing penis size under the sun… Only to find none of them have made an inch of difference? If you are anything like the vast majority of men who enjoy our articles on optimizing sexual health, the truth is, you are probably incredibly frustrated with the progress you’ve been able to eek out in the area of anatomical improvement.

The truth? You CAN improve your erection size. You can enhance your anatomy in many other exciting ways as well. And when you finally begin to do things the right way, you’ll find the benefits extended to many other areas of your life as well. More confidence, more sexual stamina and staying power, and an enhanced sense of attractiveness are all very common benefits that many men report after starting a natural enhancement regimen.

Curious to know why so many strategies fail? Let’s dive in and take a closer look immediately below.

1 – Lifestyle is very important to sexual performance

Said simply, no matter how many male enhancement exercises you try, you’ll see no improvement in erection size if your lifestyle isn’t conducive to cardiovascular health. For example, cigarette smoking constricts the blood vessels throughout the body, leading to reduced blood flow to most important organs. (including our male anatomy) Similarly, a high fat, low nutrient diet reduces the level of oxygenation in the blood, which also affects the strength of your erection.

Said simply? If you aren’t getting the gains you expect, or the erection improvements you’re after, the first place to begin is diet. Foods like salmon, sardines, avocado, walnuts and almonds, seeds and even red wine are all very effective at increasing blood flow to the penis, and can have a very noticeable effect on your sexual health in a matter of weeks.

2 – Most of our readers struggle with PE oriented exercises, simply because they aren’t doing them properly. (or in the right combinations) The truth is, much like any other type of exercise, doing one uniform thing everyday is not going to have enduring benefits. Your body will respond FAR better to variety, and challenging yourself to grow in creative ways. For example? Jelqing is very effective for soft tissue growth, but combined with other exercises like PC contractions, or kegels, you can increase your erection size exponentially, rather than incrementally.

Why? Because different exercises do different things. PC lifts, for example, wills strengthen the PC muscle in the pelvic wall, which regulates ejaculatory control.

Kegel exercises, which have been done for decades by both men and women alike, are also very good at strengthening the whole pelvic area, and can lead to longer and stronger erections, AND more staying power and stamina as well. (but do very little for soft tissue in the penis itself)

If you truly want to improve your size, stamina and sexual staying power in one fell swoop, the key is very simple. Start thinking BIG. (no pun intended)! Incorporate good dietary habits that are good for your cardiovascular health and blood flow. Incorporate at least 3 different types of PE exercises into your regimen, and alternate approaches every few days. Add in male extra.

Lastly, commit to long term gains. Nothing worth getting is achieved overnight, and the same is true here. Set aside a few months of 10-12 minutes per day, 5 days a week, and you’ll be amazed at your results, I promise!

Penis Odor and Summer – They Unfortunately Go Together

Summer is a time for getting outdoors, swimming, sunning, getting physical – and coming down with a bad case of penis odor. Yes, it’s true that penis odor can be a concern for men at any time of the year, but for many, the summer months can take the situation to a whole new level. Now, as the days get longer and hotter (and a man gets sweatier and sweatier), is the time for all dudes to up their penis care game and make a serious commitment to de-stenching the junk.

Sweat happens.

Let’s face it, a guy’s drawers are a breeding place for penis odor. One of the primary reasons for this is bacteria, which naturally accumulates in places that are moist and warm; and that describes a man’s favorite body part to a T.

The “sperm factory” in the testicles is already a source of some heat. When the bushy pubic hair that many men exhibit is added in, the warmth factor goes up. Combined with not just one but two layers of clothing (in general) and the heat index skyrockets, creating copious amounts of sweat, and therefore bacteria – and therefore penis odor.

More than bacteria.

But while bacteria are a major player (and not the kind of player most guys want to be) in the odor department, it’s not necessarily the only factor causing a pungent penis. Sometimes there can be other issues at play. For example:

– Fungus. A fungal infection brings its own distinct aroma to the party – and it’s not one that most men (or their partners) find pleasant. Like bacteria, fungi thrive in moist, warm environments – so setting up shop in the crotch is second nature to them.

– Urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection causes a man’s urine to develop a palpable stink. Though most men do their best to keep stray drops of urine from lingering in the area, they rarely get it all wiped away. The dried urine in an infected state can make its presence felt easily.

– Diabetes. People with diabetes sometimes have keytone bodies, which result from the improper breakdown of fatty acids. These chemical compounds have a distinctive, unpleasant smell which provide another source for unseemly penis odors.

What to do

The first step in preventing or decreasing an overly-aromatic member is to practice good hygiene. Showering – or washing the penile area at least – once a day or more is recommended during the summer, especially for men who engage in frequent athletic activities. For those whose athletics extend to the bedroom, washing the entire genital area after sex is a requirement; the mixture of smells from vaginal intercourse and penile ejaculate can cling to the penis and intensify the rank odor. It’s also important to thoroughly dry the area to avoid encouraging fungal or bacterial regrowth.

Airing out is also very helpful. Men who are able to should consider sleeping naked, especially during the summer months, in order to help the crotch to benefit from a thorough airing.

Treat any secondary causes of penis odor, such as diabetes or a fungal infection. It may be necessary to see a doctor for proper treatment of such factors.

Eliminate outside factors that can contribute to odor. For example, smoking produces a nicotine-like smell in sweat. Spicy foods or foods with a strong odor (such as asparagus) may likewise impact the odor emanating from the member.

Why You Should Combat Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Around the world, a lot of men deal with premature ejaculation regularly. In this condition, the affected men discharge well ahead of time. This means that they are not able to last long in bed and cannot experience satisfying sex. Their partners may also feel frustrated when the love-making session ends abruptly.

As you can see, premature ejaculation is an obstacle to an active sex life. If you also suffer from this problem, then do not lose heart. This article will cover an effective way of combating this condition. You will learn how to regain an active sex life easily.

Because of the high percentage of men who suffer from premature ejaculation, there are many products that claim to treat this. However, these products are not always safe and they don’t show good results. Instead of buying such items, you should invest in something that actually shows good results. In fact, you should always go the natural route when you want to treat any sexual problem.

The safest and most natural form of treatment involves herbal supplements or a supplement like male extra. These medicines are free from any side effect and harmful chemicals. This means that no matter your age, health status or lifestyle, you can use these products without any fear.

When a person suffers from premature ejaculation, it is due to an internal issue. Applying topical creams and lotions cannot help solve this problem. You need to treat this internally for the best results. Thus, herbal supplements are ideal since they enter the body and help it to get better.

With premature ejaculation, the blood supply to the penile tissues is not enough. For this reason, men find it difficult to control or delay their discharge since their penis is not strong enough. However, with herbal supplements, the blood flow increases and the penis becomes stronger. Thus, men can control and delay their discharge for hours. This helps them to last longer in bed and to undertake passionate love-making sessions.

Apart from the above, some men also discharge quickly due to lack of stamina. This is because intercourse requires energy and if your energy levels are low, then it becomes harder to control your discharge. In fact, some men completely avoid sex due to low stamina. Hectic routines and busy lifestyles often take a toll on a person’s sexual life. This is because such people do not have the energy to have sex so they prefer to avoid it altogether instead.

If you also suffer from low stamina, then you need to act quickly. Don’t settle for an inactive lifestyle. With herbal supplements, you can overcome exhaustion. These medicines can give you the necessary energy so that you are able to have sex when you want.

Some men notice that apart from premature ejaculation, they also suffer from weak erections. This means that the penis of such a person does not erect fully. Also, the penis becomes limp after a short period during intercourse. Thus, sex becomes difficult with a partly erect penis. However, you can treat this condition naturally. You don’t need to take over-the-counter pills for this since they contain harmful ingredients that can affect the rest of your body.

For such men, herbal supplements is the best and safest solution. With these medicines, they can experience hard, long-lasting erections. This is due to the potent ingredients in these products. These ingredients help the penis to stay stretched for longer periods. You will notice that your erections are better and firmer with the help of these medicines. In short, you will be able to give immense pleasure to your partner and be able to lead an active sex life.

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