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Erect Penis: Sex in Water

An erect penis can rear its insistent head any time and any place, as every man knows. A penis that pops up frequently is an indicator of good penis health, and certainly is an asset when a man is with a partner who is equally in the mood for sexual bonding. Naturally, most such bonding experiences happen on dry land, but sometimes a couple can be in the mood for a little water action instead. Taking that slippery plunge can make for an exciting sexual experience, but it definitely requires some preparation and caution.


It’s best to clarify that, for the purposes of this article, water-based sex is referring to coupling that takes place in a watery setting such as a pool, the ocean or a bathtub. It doesn’t refer to the “water sports” arena of sex, in which sexual play involves urination on or by one or both partners (although certainly some people may choose to incorporate such water sports into their water-based sex if they so desire).


– Still use lube. Okay, when a guy’s erect penis is going to be submerged in water, why should he (or his partner) need to use lubricant? Because that constant water action may actually deprive the body of its natural lubricating oils. In addition, seawater may contain lots of sand, which can add “grit” to the friction in an unwelcome way. So use a silicone-based lubricant to keep things sliding and gliding smoothly.

– And a condom. Pregnancies and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) can occur just as easily in water as on dry land, so don’t skimp on appropriate protections. In addition, putting a condom on before entering seawater helps keep some of the salt and sand from attaching to delicate penis skin.

– Be ready to stand. In most cases, having sex in the water precludes basic missionary and doggy style positions. Some form of standing position is usually required. Couples who do not already use a standing position may want to investigate some of these on dry land in advance of trying them out in the pool, lake, etc. (Of course, some couples may opt not for intercourse but for oral sex or mutual masturbation, both of which may be more familiar to them in a standing mode.)

– Consider aqua shoes. Since many water-based sex positions work better if the couple is standing, the man may want to consider wearing some form of footwear (such as aqua shoes). This is especially recommended for sex in the shower, as tubs can be extremely slippery, but even in a pool, lake or ocean, it’s good to have a little extra “grip” – especially as penetrative sex while standing up can get fairly acrobatic.

– Be private. Sex in the shower is not a problem, but sex in a pool, ocean, etc. can be problematic. If the pool is in a guy’s own walled-in backyard, fine. But unless the river, lagoon, ocean, etc. that he picks is truly secluded and safely away from prying eyes, a couple risks arrest for having sex in such a place. Better to be safe than sorry.

– Be careful. Sex in a water location can be invigorating and exciting – but can cause injury. Couples should be sure that they are ready for the experience and take safety precautions before attempting.

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